Tardemah (pronounced tar-DAY-ma) is a Hebrew word describing a visitation that fulfills God-given dreams. Throughout the Old Testament, stories abound of how God’s people received tardemah revelations of His power and His plan. God is still working today in the hearts and lives of His people. World-shaking revival is upon us. God is even now searching out those to whom He can reveal His power. Today, as in ancient times, a tardemah visitation can still be the catalyst that ushers in restoration, hope, and healing from past hurts.In this work Dr. Craig Johnson thoughtfully outlines the redemptive role of tardemah visitations in the life of today’s believer. You will see how three Tardemah visitations will play a pivotal role in shaping the following trends of the coming move of God:
The meeting of our seemingly impossible needs
Fresh reconfirmation of long forgotten dreams that will ignite in you a fresh spark of destiny.
Healing and redemption from past failure and regrets.

From the Author

I have three passions in life, The first is to see God meet impossible needs! I long to see the truly broken of this world, from incest survivor to AIDS victim, gloriously healed. I dream of the traumatized, the hopeless and the helpless, those usually relegated to the back of the Revival Tent, being brought forth front and center and completely delivered!

As with Adam, I pray that God will soon bring a “sleep-like” visitation to all those plagued with unyielding bondages, that He will perform all necessary surgery, and then walk a complete fulfillment into their lives!

My second passion is to see God pour out His glory and power in the reconfirmation of impossible destinies. I believe this to be a generation unparalleled in human history. It will be impossible to “pull in the net” of revival apart from a fresh reconfirmation and empowerment of the “life words” God has given each of His children alive today.

Hundreds of millions in our time are destined to see, in one generation, spiritual offspring as numberless as the stars of the heavens and the sands of the sea. Many whose lives are extraordinarily significant have been feeling old, tired, and barren. To these, God is about to bring thunderous reaffirmation and a new release of His presence. Many will soon “sleep” as did Abraham, so that  God might reconfirm and fulfill the “life words” He has given.

My third passion is to see God bring a complete restoration to the vast army of the “fallen.” There are countless “leaders and followers” of Christ who bear the stigma of an unredeemed past. Many saints from every background and gifting as a result of “willful disobedience and moral failure,” have condemned themselves to long sentences in the “prisons of God.”

I believe a twenty-year statute of limitations on certain sins and their penalties is up! God’s prisoners may yet be superficially bound in their “grave clothes,” but they are surely not forgotten. “The sighing of the prisoner has come before Him … He will preserve even those appointed to death.” (Psalm 79:11)

God will soon revisit His captives in order to “commute” life sentences. God will soon grant a gracious “sleep of visitation” similar to that which came upon Jacob, so that He might utterly restore what, to men, appears unrestorable!

The three tardemahs we’ll study answer the three passions articulated above. They are yet future, and I for one have no idea how to hasten their day! I offer the following pages in the hope that, through them, God mighty revive your own desire to “seek Him.”

The imagery we’ll encounter of God, tenderly putting His little ones to sleep in order to make their dreams come true, is a deeply loving one for me. The tardemahs we’ll study involve “actual sleep,” yet we will widen their application to embrace “seasons of visitation,” which nonetheless, yield similar fruit to that produced in Adam, Abraham and Jacob.

The three men whose “sleep” life we’ll examine neither expected, sought nor felt worthy of their respective tardemah visitations. Tardemah seasons come as do dreams. They are uncoerced, untamed, yet undeniable.

This book is dedicated to you, “God’s chosen,” and to the honor of the One:
Who delivered us from so great a death, and doth deliver; in whom we trust that He will yet deliver us.” (II Corinthians 1:10)

Craig Johnson