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Israel Historic Land of Hope

30 minute programs with Joel Osteen introducing 3 to 4 well known Pastors including Pastor Craig as they conduct short teaching segments from various locations throughout Israel. Airing Tuesdays at 1:30pm PDT, Trinity Broadcasting Network (schedule subject to change). Start times are Craig’s segment. You can scroll/fast forward the video if desired.

1. Caesarea Maritima–God is about to Do a New Thing
Starts at 6:48

2. Mount Carmel – Altars and Hope
Starts at 00:00

3. Inside the Rabbi’s Tunnel
Starts at 00:00

4. Wadi Qelt–The Mercy of Mystery
Starts at 16:30

5. Mount Carmel –Facing Depression
Starts at 00:00

6. Ben-Hinnom Valley – Hope in the Midst of the Pit
Starts at 20:30

7. Wadi Qelt–You are Valuable to God
Starts at 00:00

8. Caesarea Maritima – The Importance of Influence
Starts at 8:30

9. Mount Carmel-Handling Droughts in Your Life
Starts at 00:00

10. Caesarea Maritima – The Five Components of Blessing
Starts at 00:00