A New Thing, Part 2

We all ask for new relationships, new opportunities, new things in our life. But new things involve extensive preparation. We pray Lord drop a new relationship out of the heavens. Well, you’re not ready for a new relationship. He has to make you ready before He drops “Clancy” out of the clouds. We pray for crazy things and have no idea what is involved intrinsically in what we’ve asked.

Sermon notes

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A New Thing

God is always doing new things. But new things are a big deal. Before a new thing ever comes God has to work in your heart to expel all rigidity, obstinance, rebellion stubbornness and a desire to have your way. “My kingdom come, my will be done”. They don’t co-exist together. You are His servant in utter surrender to Him or you are a God unto yourself. And it comes down to the issue of surrender.

Sermon notes

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